[qubes-users] Qubes OS 4.0.4-rc2 has been released!

Dear Qubes Community,

We're pleased to announce the second release candidate for Qubes OS

Qubes OS 4.0.4-rc2 includes many updates over the initial 4.0 release,
in particular:

- All 4.0 dom0 updates to date
- Fedora 32 TemplateVM
- Debian 10 TemplateVM
- Whonix 15 Gateway and Workstation TemplateVMs
- Linux kernel 5.4 by default
- Bug fixes from 4.0.4-rc1

Qubes 4.0.4-rc2 is available on the downloads page:

What is a point release?

I have a kernel question. With last updates I have 3 kernels 5.4.x
installed and one 5.10.x (kernel-latest). It happens that the
5.4.x-kernels provoque freezes & sponaneous reboots. So I would like to
ask qubes to disregard these (5.4.x) and keep at least two 5.9.x or
5.10.x kernels when upgrading (and maybe some stable 4.x kernel as
backup in case). How can I do that? Cheers. Bernhard

5.4 is a stable kernel series, so if you experience issues, please report them on the github issues list after some trial and erroring on here or the qubes-os forum.

dom0: sudo dnf remove kernel-5.4.x… -y

It will be nice if the next update will come with a 5.6+ kernel(a lot of people are complaining about Nvidia RTX 20xx issues).