[qubes-users] Preventing opening windows of an AppVM from becoming the active window on the desktop

Dear list,

I have a script running in an AppVM where the command "xdotool key" occurs frequently. The problem is that I cannot use the computer for other purposes while the script is running. Windows keep popping up while the script is running, and "xdotool key" does something to them.

Standard in the operating system Qubes is that an opening window automatically becomes the active window on the desktop. I am looking for a way to prevent exactly that for a specific app VM.

Would anyone know how to implement this? Either in a way that windows of this App-VM only become active when I actively click on them, or in a way that it is not possible to work with the windows of this AppVM at all until I revoke this setting?

Have a great day
Michael Singer

Maybe this is an XFCE thing? Have you tried:

a) unchecking the "Honor standard ICCCM focus hint"
b) selecting "Do nothing" for "When a window raises itself:"

See "Focus" in "Window Manager Tweaks" using the XFCE settings app.

Dear Sven,

thank you so much. This works for me.

In addition, you still have to right click on the top of the frame of the window you are working in and select "Always on Top" there. Then everything works perfectly.

See you!
Michael Singer