[qubes-users] Nore smooth Win7 seamless mode tweaks?

Just installed my first Win7 VM. Not exactly a pleasant look. Programs try to start fullscreen and somewhat misbehave later-- say, when I try to resize MS Word window, it does not understand the geometry change event and some parts of it just become invisible. Was it always like that or something is not quite right with my system? Any hints/tweaks/fixes known?

Mostly it settled down by itself, but still does not work well with focus-follows-mouse setting. I get a lot of screen artifacts, especially when multiple Windows windows overlap. Is it a known bug?

Well-well-well. Seems that “seamless” mode is not that seamless at all. MS Office, for example, tends to throw windows and even window parts that get “sticky”, “always on top” and de facto not managed by xfce at all :((