[qubes-users] No network in win10 HVM clone, persistence of original qube's IP


I have installed a windows 10 standalone HVM qube, which works as expected.
Now if I clone it, the cloned qube cannot even ping his default gateway.

Digging a bit I can see that:
- sys-firewall has a route, through the proper iface, to the IP associated
  with the cloned HVM, but the IP shown by Windows is the one of the
  original qube
- windows network settings show that wrong IP in the "Properties" section
  of the interface config pane, where the "IP settings" section has no
  IPv4 address or gateway defined
- qvm-prefs does show the expected IP

Setting the static IP config manually in window indeed works, but I guess
it's not supposed to work that way. What would be the Right Way to fix
the setup ?

Note that while digging into Qubes networking I started with
Networking | Qubes OS. The routing table
example for Driver Domain shown there does not match the sys-net
routing table at all - notably it mentions "eth0" which seems to
hint to that doc being out of sync, with eth interfaces being named
"en*" nowadays. Not sure it makes sense to keep that example, maybe
now a sys-firewall example would be more fitting ?