[qubes-users] New Prebuilt templates - Arch, Ubuntu and Mint, for 4.0 and 4.1


I've recently uploaded some new pre-built templates for 4.0, and 4.1
An updated Arch Linux, Ubuntu Focal, and a new Mint (uma).

All my templates, packages and repositories, are signed with
my Qubes Signing key - you can get this from any key server. You
should check this against other sources - https://qubes.3isec.org,
here on the list, https://github.com/unman/unman
maybe another key server over Tor.

You should do something like this, in a Fedora disposable - make sure
you have enough space in the qube you use to download.
Download the template you want from https://qubes.3isec.org/

Once you have downloaded and confirmed my "Qubes OS signing key", add it to
your rpm keyring:
`sudo rpm --import <downloaded_key>`

Check the signature on the template:
`rpm -K <Template_package_name>`
If all is well you will see "digests signatures OK"

Once you are satisfied, install the Template.
To do this you will need to copy it to dom0.
In dom0, run:
`qvm-run -p <disposable> 'cat <location of template_package>' > <template_package_name>`

Then, in dom0, install:
`sudo dnf install <template_package_name>`

For example, if you have downloaded an Arch template in a qube called
`downloader`, and the file is in `/home/user/Downloads`:
`qvm-run -p downloader 'cat /home/user/Downloads/qubes-template-archlinux-4.0.6-202109222348.noarch.rpm ' > arch.rpm`
(You can name the package whatever you like in dom0.)

Then install with: `sudo dnf install arch.rpm`

I also provide repositories for Qubes packages for Arch and Ubuntu,
which are (fairly) regularly updated. Details at https://qubes.3isec.org

If you need help, have issues, or find any problems, answer here.