[qubes-users] networkmanager / keyring

a long time ago I did set a pwd for the keyring in sys-net. By too
little use, I forgot it. So now I can no longer register new networks,
which means at every laptop-lid open.close I have to enter it again, and
again. Editing /etc/Networkmanager/system-connections/wireless-name
files by hand is ignored, even if I put there pwd=whatever
Is there a way to solve this (either by destroy keyring, or make
NetworkManager read its own config files??) Thanks !

Hi, I’ve previously used seahorse (sudo dnf install seahorse in fedora-3* based sys-net) to unlock/reset/remove the password on the keyring. I think it might also be sufficient to just remove the files in ~/.local/share/keyrings/ in sys-net, but not sure if there are other implications to doing this.