[qubes-users] Music playback is smooth now...?

I'm reporting something odd (but good... I hope).

A month or two ago (I think it was), I tried streaming some music from an AppVM, and of course it was a bit too jittery for an enjoyable listening experience due to the sound virtualization.[1]

I was content with this, as I would much rather have the security benefit (I have other music playing devices, after all). But just now, on a whim, I tried it again, even with streaming the same exact music, and it's very smooth. I haven't changed any audio settings or anything. I've just been updating my system (dom0 and templates) whenever new updates are available. So, what I'm wondering is whether we can attribute this to a nice update to gstreamer (good), or whether it's a sign that the audio virtualization is somehow broken (bad).

[1] https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/qubes-devel/sound$20card/qubes-devel/BOezIGBjKY8/7dY1Z_50EJYJ

Sorry, I think I spoke too soon. When I just tried some higher bitrate music, I noticed the same jitteriness as before. Never mind! Sorry for the spam!

Ok, I'm really sorry, but I think I spoke too soon /again/. I tried switching to a different browser just to make sure, and the jitteriness is gone. So, my original message stands!