[qubes-users] How to open a file in a certain AppVM by a single double click (for secure file management)?

Dear Qubes community,

I am looking for a safe and easy way to manage my documents, downloaded from the internet and saved on an external hard drive, with Qubes.

A) Files in my file management qube (based on a template without any programm, that could open a file) should be openable in a certain AppVM or in the same dispVM. It takes a too long time to open every file in an extra dispVM.

B) It would be very useful, if the file in the file management qube opens only by a double click in a certain qube for file view.

Does anybody have a solution?

Many thanks,
Rainer Neumann

Create a named disposableVM
Then use `qvm-open-in-vm` to open files in the new named qube.
Test this at the command line in your file management qube first.
You will also have to set policy in /etc/qubes-rpc/policy/qubes.OpeninVM
in dom0

Then set this ( qvm-open-in-vm <qube> ) as the default file handling
application - the right place to do this will depend on your DE -
perhaps ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.lst

If you want the disposableVM to close down when there are no open
windows, install the shutdown-idle service, and enable it in that qube.
Adjust the timer to whatever suits you: by default I think it is 5
minutes without an open window.

Having this work by double click will (probably) vary depending on what file
manager you are using.