[qubes-users] how to mount Android 4.0+ devices with QubesOS?

Qubes can mount Android 2.x devices with no problem as external USB devices, but isn’t dealing so well with Android 4.x devices - as now MTP or PPTP modes are the only options. I’ve seen blog posts suggesting installing simple-mtpfs (in the template? in Dom0?) to allow for mounting an Android 4.x device as an external hard drive but would like to get your input on the canonical way of doing this.

Currently the Android 4.x device is recognised as a USB device but not as a block device, hence is not made available to AppVMs for mounting.



You should be able to assign the usb device to the appVM, then mounting should work.

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Er, given that the phone is not recognised as a block device, how do you
expect this to work? I tried assigning the full USB controller to an AppVM
just in case, but still it didn't make a block device available for