[qubes-users] how to grant network access in dom0 ?

Hello again,
I need network access in dom0 for an app ,because otherwise I am not able to install it with all the dependencies and I like to install it from the kde package store.
So, how can I enable network acess for dom0 or at least a special app running in dom0?

I know that it will weak my security but after I installed it I will disable it immediately, of course. It would be very nice if anybody can help me and tell me the lines for the terminal:)
thank you


No can do.
You can download from the package store, and then copy files in to dom0 -
it's covered in the docs.
But, as you know, you shouldn't do this, and Qubes wont make it easy for
you. For me, no dom0 program would be worth the weakening of security.

okay. thank you for that fast answer:) I know how to copy packages to dom0 ,but then If i installed the metadata.desktop kde addon it says successfull , but will not be show under addons. If i install it again it tells me that it already exists.
I am trying to install the new version of latte-dock from github. Because qubes only has 0.6.1 . but the install.sh is cannot be installed because of cmakelist.txt error and cxx don’t know the right compiler. But I don’t know how to fix all that things and don’t find any documentation or else about this. I can copy package to dom0 but it is not possible to install it.

please delete this post. I already got an answer in an other topic and this was nearly a doppel post. sorry:) I just cannot delete it because the moderator has the rights:)