[qubes-users] How to edit the NetworkManager settings of a named sys-net DispVM?

Dear Qubes community,

I have created a named sys-net debian DispVM. Then I wanted to change the network settings (disable ipv6, require ipv4, set dns server, spoof mac address etc). For this I put a ready configuration, the "Wired connection 1.nmconnection", under /rw/config/NM-system-connections in the template on which the named dispVM is based. After I started the sys-net DispVM, I noticed that the configuration was present in /rw/config/NM-system-connections and in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections, but it was apparently not used, because when I tried to edit the connection via the NetworkManager tray icon, my settings were not visible there. Maybe this is because when starting the Qube first the network is booted before /rw is considered.

Do you have any ideas how this can be solved?

All the best
Michael Singer