[qubes-users] Help?

I am looking for help with my education. I have been learning at home for some time and need a more professional/educated opinion. Here is compiled info about me and direction. I am looking for books to read.

First, I am a die-hard Linux user. I love and use Qubes. My preferred languages are C and Python. I have an Assoc. of Sci. in Networking and Security Mgmt. My primary interests are in Linux, InfoSec and cutting-edge technologies and especially how those technologies relate to security.

I am interested in heading towards learning more about Linux Web Development, IT and InfoSec Economics, Business and more security. Any suggestions of excellent books that will help me with my future would be greatly appreciated!

Books that I have an intention of reading soon are as follows:
Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling and Controlling
The Art of Memory Forensics
…and the following topics…
Burp Suite
Operational Security