[qubes-users] HCL - System76 Darter Pro darp6

The wifi card that came with the laptop (Intel AC 9560) doesn’t work, I had to replace it (Intel AC 9260). Kernels need to be updated for full keyboard functionality. However, 5.9.14-1 (in kernel-latest) caused numerous problems and resulted in me having to continually reinstall. The following was my process for getting everything set up:

  • Fresh install

  • Ethernet controller (26:00.1) doesn’t work out-of-the-box, so either configure strict reset for PCI device, or simply move it from “selected” to “available.” As long as the new WiFi card has been installed, you can still get internet.

  • Download the 5.8.16-1 kernel from yum (yum.qubes-os.org/r4.0/current/dom0/fc25/rpm/kernel-latest-5.8.16-1.qubes.x86_64.rpm)

  • Transfer the file to dom0

  • In the dom0 terminal, change to the directory where the new kernel was copied to

  • run "sudo rpm -i .rpm

  • restart

  • Follow the same procedure for the kernel-latest-qubes-vm-5.8.16-1.qubes.x86_64.rpm

  • restart

I did run into some issues with the template updates that happened after that, but I think that was more user error than anything (aborted the updates before they were finished). The screen has gone to sleep and prompted user login after waking it back up, but other than that I haven’t explored too much.

I’ll continue to explore and can add more information as it comes to me.

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