[qubes-users] HCL - ProLiant DL360p Gen8

To contribute. <3 QubesOS works great with the 2 x E5-2650v2 and 64GbRAM :slight_smile:


I use HVM Win64x7/10 for specific professionnal softwares, I have no
choice on it (and it's quite a shame)

If you planned (as me) using a DL360p G8 as Desktop computer, you need
to know it's REALLY REALLY NOISY+++ compare to other HP rackserver
series !!!

* Hard Drives:

 \- boot and VM on: M\.2 Sata SSD 256Go on PCIe

 \- data on: i420 1GB RAID 10 \- 4 x 1To

* Network adapter: HP 366FLR on FlexibleLOM, using Intel i350 igb driver
--> support PCI passthrough to sys-net OK

* 2nd Graphic adapter: Radeon 2400 HD on PCIe --> support GPU
passthrough to HVM Win64x7/10-Qubes OK

* Other peripherals on USB, use to do: 1st USB bus for sys-usb and 2nd
USB bus PCI passthrough to HVM Win64x7/10


just 2 PCIe and 1 FlexLOM ports in a DL360p G8, that's not a lot...

so before having the working HP366FLR Network adapter, I tried:

- HP331FLR on FlexLOM --> doesn't support PCI passthrough to sys-net

- HP530SFP+ on FlexLOM --> doesn't support PCI passthrough to sys-net

- PCIe riser (cryptomining hardwares):

     \- \[1xPCIe\-x1\] to \[4xPCIe\-x1 \+ 1xPCIe\-x16\] with Graphics\-PCIe,

USB3-PCIe, SATA3-PCIe, Network-PCIe --> surprisingly works, but with
shitty transfert data rate

Qubes-HCL-HP-ProLiant_DL360p_Gen8-20210514-130041.yml (1.13 KB)

Hi Philémon,

thank you for your HCL report. It is now part of this pull request:

... and will be visible on the website soon!