[qubes-users] Hardware doesn't report any support voltages.

my apologies, I cannot seem to reply to my previous post without logging into google.

I'm not quite sure what I did, but I fiddled with something in the BIOS and finally Qubes installed and booted. I was prompted for my disk encryption password, but then Qubes dropped to a shell and gave me the following error messages:

localhost kernel: mmc0: Hardware doesn't report any support voltages.

When I run journalctl, here is the condensed version of what I get (only including lines in red text):

localhost kernel: mmc0: Hardware doesn't report any support voltages.
localhost pcmcia-socket-startup[205]: chdir to /etc/pcmcia failed: No such file or directory
localhost systemd[1]: /usr/lib/systemd/system-generators/systemd-cryptsetup-generator exited with exit status 1.
localhost system-cryptsetup-generator[220]: failed to create unti file /run/systemd/generator/etc..(some hex stuff here)...service: File exists

and so forth, basically saying it can't decrypt the LVM volume.

Of interest:

Qubes will not boot if I select the regular boot option (first case reported above.) If I enter Advanced Boot and select the first option, I am able to enter Qubes with the intermittent voltage error (second case reported above).

I installed Qubes on an external USB3 SSD and often see a warning about the the voltages thing,
But it boots normally so I do not bother.

However once I forgot to plug in the second USB cable (for adding additional current to the SSD) of the Y cable of the SSD and booting stopped with the same voltages error.

So you may perhaps check that all stuff related to power supply, battery etc work at full potential.



I get a few of these on the console but ignore them as the system appears
to work normally.