[qubes-users] Focal template and packages

I've put in PRs to allow for build of focal packages and template, on
Fedora 32 build system. These should be merged soon, and will allow you
to select Focal as a target in ./setup, run make get-sources, make qubes-vm, and
make template.

As always, I recommend that you build from source yourself - it really
isn't difficult.
If you are not sure about building for yourself, or don't have time,
I've made a pre-built template available at https://qubes.3isec.org/Templates

All my templates, packages and repositories are signed with
my Qubes Signing key - you can get this from any keyserver. You
should check this against other sources - the Qubes-Users mailing list,
[GitHub](https://github.com/unman/unman/blob/master/gpg-keys.asc), maybe another
keyserver over Tor.

You should do something like this, in a disposableVM:
Download the template from https://qubes.3isec.org/Templates

Once you have downloaded and confirmed my "Qubes OS signing key", add it to
your rpm keyring:
`sudo rpm --import <downloaded_key>`

Check the signature on the template:
`rpm -K <Template_file>`
If all is well you will see "digests signatures OK"

Once you are satisfied, install the Template.
To do this you will need to copy it to dom0. In dom0 run:
`qvm-run -p <qube> 'cat <location of template>' > focaltemplate`

Then install, in dom0 :
`sudo dnf install focaltemplate`

You can also add the repository to a StandAlone focal qube, and install
normal range of Qubes packages, for better integration with the system.