[qubes-users] dependencies of qubes-gpg-split in debian minimal templates


Processing to set up again qubes-gpg-split in my vms, qubes v4.0, I
assume I have to install the package qubes-gpg-split to have the command
qubes-gpg-client in the client and server VM.

My client template is up to date and upgraded before asking the package.

However looking at the dependencies involved I just don't understand,
starting with a set of dictionary packages, and then a lot of other
stuff. Some make sense, I didn't check all. But dictionnaries ? Intel
drivers ? What's the matter for setting up this split gpg client ?

Please look at this output of apt :

(Attachment apt_wtf is missing)

It's all fine.

If you check the dependencies of the package, you'll see:

A moments thought, and 2 moments checking, will tell you that most of the
packages are pulled in by zenity.

Debian provides apt-rdepends which will show you the dependency tree for
a package - useful in this sort of case.