[qubes-users] Compiling XEN 4.15 in vmm-xen


I made an effort to compile XEN 4.15.0-rc5 in vmm-xen and succeded at building the packages. (branch is over here GitHub - isodude/qubes-vmm-xen at xen-4.15)

However I get permission denied when trying to start VMs. Anyone tried to compile 4.15 that knows if I’m missing dependencies when upgrading? Maybe I need to also upgrade libvirt?


So basically, since I’m moving from 4.14 to 4.15, there is a lot of dependencies e.g. core-libvirt, qubes-vchan-xen and kernel-qubes-vm that needs to be recompiled against the new xen-devel.

I just missed the warnings about xen-libs not being possible to upgrade.

core-libvirt fails on 3 tests though.