[qubes-users] clock after resume

A few times now I've suspended and resumed a Qubes laptop and seen a
Fedora VM with the time it had before the suspend, where I expected it
to instead switch to the current time. The non-switch seems perfectly
correlated with a line like

   Feb 06 09:48:16 ... qubes.SuspendPostAll-dom0[...]: Invalid date received, aborting!

appearing in the VM's log shortly after an expected line like

   Feb 06 09:48:15 ... qrexec-agent[...]: executed root:QUBESRPC qubes.SuspendPostAll dom0 pid ...

but I haven't dug further into how the dom0-VM date communication is
supposed to work. dom0 and Debian VMs switch to the current time as


Do you think it's related to the #4835 issue [1] ? Note also the linked issues (#3489, #4939).

And, see the recent related discussion [2] on the forum.

[1] clock in tray widget way behind · Issue #4835 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub

[2] Suspend -> dom0 clock errors