[qubes-users] can't update fedora based templates via sys-whonix

Ok, it's actually more complicated than that, but it didn't all fit into the subject.

Here is my setup:

sys-net <-> sys-firewall <-> sys-whonix <-> sys-firewall-anon

sys-firewall-anon runs apt-cacher-ng with is configured to also work with fedora qubes. In qubes.UpdatesProxy all templates are set to update using sys-firewall-anon.

If I connect sys-firewall-anon directly to sys-net, it's not "-anon" anymore but I can update fedora based templates no problem. But if I connect sys-firewall-anon to sys-whonix I get 403 error messages for the fedora mirrors.

Updating debian / apt based qubes works perfectly in both scenarios.

In my understanding it should work in both cases, regardless whether the traffic goes over clearnet or Tor.

Any ideas?


To make it more interesting: qubes-dom0-update via sys-whonix also fails with "Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml) for repository: fedora"


Ignore please. Sorry for the noise.

This appears to have been a temporary issue.