[qubes-users] Audio / Video in Q4 Windows 10 HVM via USB possible?


I have installed Windows 10 Pro in a Qubes 4 HVM and was very satisfied, that the Installation was very easy (compared to the hazzle I had ~ 2 years ago).
I just followed the “official” Qubes documentation and was also able to get Qubes Windows Tools running.

Working for an IT solution provider and because of the Covid-19 situation I need Audio within Windows.
Because it is not possible to pass USB devices via sys-usb to the Windows HVM, what are best practises to do so?

My ideas so far:

  1. buy a PCMCIA Express USB card and pass it over to the Windows Qube

  2. pass the internal USB Controller (PCI device) to the Windows Qube (which would also remove some other internal devices from sys-usb)

I could then connect my USB Headset to USB ports which are terminated in the Windows Qubes.

Has anyone being able to get Audio working and are there any other approach doing this?
Unified Communication/Audio is the only reason why I am not using Qubes as my main OS for business use.