[qubes-users] Audio leakage?

Dear List,

I just had a weird issue that got me somewhat concerned about the security of
audio separation between cubes.

Two cubes were involved:
- teams-vm, running Google Chrome with a Microsoft Teams meeting happening
- dispN, running Firefox with a meet.jit.si call open

I was trying to debug why the microphone was not working in the Teams meeting
in teams-vm. When I attached the microphone to dispN, I got sound there,
but... it was the audio stream from the Microsoft Teams call in teams-vm!

I double-checked this by opening the Jitsi call link separately on a
smartphone. I could *clearly* hear the audio stream from the Teams call by
joining the Jitsi call in dispN.

It seems that the wrong audio stream got assigned as a microphone to dispN.
Instead of the actual microphone source, it seems to have been the output
audio stream from the Teams meeting in teams-vm. Actual microphone did not
work in either call.

I will test it more later and report back. A USB-C docking station was
connected at the time when the Teams call was starting, perhaps it creates an
additional audio source, which confused Qubes?

This sounds familiar.
I think that there was exactly the same issue raised in the Qubes Forum.
afaik that was resolved to feedback, and not to intra-qubes bleeding.
I'll check, (or you can), and update.

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