[qubes-users] Adding Menu Shortcut - Many Applications Being Repeated Several Times


I'm not sitting in front of QubeOS at the moment while I type this, so I'm not sure if the Window you use to move an application with the arrows from the left window pane to the right to have them added for a shortcut to the menus, what this Window is called, but I noticed there are quite a few applications appearing over several times.

Like Konqueror as an example appeared in it 5 times, so just in case this hasn't been noticed I wanted to bring this to the attention of the developers so it gets fixed and apps only appear one time.


I think this can be a different issue. Duplicated items are in fact different
applications (or at least different action for the same application) under the
same name. This is the case for example for "Terminal" - Both gnome-terminal
and Terminal (XFCE) have the same visible name ("Name" field in .desktop
file). In this case there is difference in Comment field, but sometimes this
also can be the same.

So I think this can be solved by some tooltip with real application name.


Ahh great this is being submitted, it's really difficult to figure out what is what with all the same names going on.

Everything does need to have a distinct name...

Thanks Marek :slight_smile: