Qubes Update. Sends huge amounts of data out

I went to my public library to update Qubes. Broadcasts signal into parking lot for folks to use.

I have a computer I do not have any personal data on. Update- Upper right, orange sun - said it wanted to update Whonix 16, both of the parts.

I click on where it says it can also update Qubes not shown as needing updates. After it starts is says there is an update for Fedora36.

After awhile, I decided I had to know whether it was doing anything at all.

I poke about and realized I had already installed 'System Monitor" in the Firewall qube. Incoming seemed to be sending small chunks to me. When I realized the incoming was like 320 MB. and it had sent out 290 MB. that does not seem right to me.

If I am going to verify this, I would start with another computer, and freshly install Qubes, and so to test.

Anyone have any quick, well, it is doing this, and is probably just fine. Or should I verify the issue.