Qubes update manager broken

I cant use the Qubes update manager, it returns an error. I some minutes searching for the same issue but did not see the same error. It returns

Error on updating debian-11: Command ‘[‘sudo’, ‘qubesctl’, ‘–skip-dom0’, ‘–targets=debian-11’, ‘–show-output’, ‘state.sls’, ‘update.qubes-vm’]’ returned non-zero exit status 127.
/etc/qubes-rpc/qubes.SaltLinuxVM: line 46: salt-ssh: command not found

where should I go from here to solve this?

Did you try to update using the command line?

Are you using the command line method for updating? If so, can you paste here the command you use?

You could explain where you got that debian-11 template, and what you
have done to it.
The default debian-11 template includes /usr/bin/salt-ssh. If you dont
have that file, check to see if you have removed the salt-ssh package.
If you have, reinstall that package.

Hi unman, i don’t know how i ended up removing the package and on a regular distro i would have figured that out. but Qubes OS is more difficult for me.

i get a new error now that says:

Error on updating debian-11: Command ‘[‘sudo’, ‘qubesctl’, ‘–skip-dom0’, ‘–targets=debian-11’, ‘–show-output’, ‘state.sls’, ‘update.qubes-v,’]’ returned non-zero exit code status 20.

ssh: could not resolve hostname debian-11: Temporary failure in name resolution

with a quick search on the internet i could not find a similar error. i would prefer to solve it, but is a re installation of the debian template a fool-proof fix? :slight_smile: