Qubes update and unexpected logout by keystroke?

Yesterday, I was typing while running QubesUpdate, and Qubes suddenly logged me out when I may or may not have hit a copy operation (Ctrl+C , Ctrl + Shift +C , Ctrl+V , Ctrl+Shift+V) between Qubes I was logged out of Qubes. Perhaps the QubesUpdate was finished and the timing of the copy operation coincided, but is it possible for Qubes to be logged out suddenly?

I am using the latest version of my QubesOS, 4.2.0-rc3.

I have had the same thing happen.

I just thought I fat-fingered a logout shortcut, does any shortcut with X (ctrl, shift, ctrl+shift) logout?


Thank you. I don’t have any shortcut commands set specifically for myself, but I think that such shortcuts are set by the keyboard operation on the QubesOS side. As for the keyboard, I was hitting the keys in the lower left compartment. It is a mystery to me, but I will see how it works while using it as usual a little more.

Hi @Nakaya_kita ,
if you use XFCE (the default Desktop Environment), you can check the current default shortcuts in the XFCE Keyboard setting. In Qubes OS 4.1, this setting tool is in Q menu > System Tools > Keyboard, see the Application shortcuts tab.

For example, Ctrl + Alt + L do a session logout. I know this shortcut is far from Ctrl + Shift + C/V, but :

  1. the session logout shortcut could be different in Qubes OS 4.2
  2. another shortcut could be nearer, check the other entries in the Application shortcuts tab
  3. your keyboard layout could be different and impact

Just an idea…

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Thank you. Hmmm, it doesn’t look like I pressed the L key, but but as you can see in the captured image, due to the key setting of the shortcut in 4.2.0-rc3, I have to use Ctrl+Alt+L to log out.

The keyboard has a Japanese key layout, and I think the L key is the same as where the L key is on the English layout. by design of QubesOS, it may have been a key typo on my part to think this far. it doesn’t seem like dom0 has been hijacked.

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