Qubes under Proxmox for testing only


While i have the hardware where i run Qubes OS, but i like to experiment with the OS, like using only minimal templates, configuring apt-cacher-ng, or just playing along with the system and its settings. I have a copy on my Proxmox server from every system i use just for experimenting (if there is something i don’t understand but i’d like to try it out i can spin on my virtual system and if it is broken i can use my snapshot to roll back). I’d like to achive something similar with Qubes OS. If i’d make any mistake, i woldn’t have to reinstall my whole system, just roll back with Proxmox’s snapshot. I’ve read it isn’t advised to use Qubes OS in any virtualized environment, but would it make any sense to use this configuration only for tests?

Thanks any help!