Qubes OS Videos Megathread

There are a lot of videos about Qubes OS, but not all are great.

I’m creating this thread to discuss new videos that started showing up on youtube or elsewhere and

Hall of Fame

Recommended videos bellow.

(2018) Micah Lee presents “Qubes OS: The Operating System That Can Protect You Even If You Get Hacked”

(2020) “Qubes OS: Security Oriented Operating System” by Explaining Computers


The Last 6 month youtube video

Give everyone a like

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Are there enough Youtube videos out there to merit a separate category?

Of course thats what is really needed anyway, its a major way of marketing anything these days…

I would thing yes, just in the last 6 month there is like more than 30 video about qubes OS, and I guess it will keep growing, but I will let other people of this forum decide if it’s necessary or not to create one only for youtube videos

@Brainhack if you want you can create the other post for socia media post, don’t hesitate :slight_smile:

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Qubes videos on YouTube have (generally) a bad history - any links
should be reviewed for content.
Also, the links will need to be regularly reviewed (as will links to
articles), and culled/flagged on Forum when out of date. Who will be
doing this?

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Let’s start off with a “megathread”.

I’ve added a “Hall of Fame” in the first post hopefully this somehow alleviates this task (for folks who view it on the forum). The rest of the thread I think can be generally left open for links to any video, no matter the quality as that can always be discussed in the thread and if considered high-quality it can be “promoted” to the “hall of fame”.

Sounds good?


Clarity about what each thread is about is perhaps the most important…

Will get around to doing a social media thread tonight, that should be of a more ephemeral nature I guess?

Some content that does not appear to be good to a very experienced user might still be useful for new users and especially in just spreading the word around…


This is extremely helpful for me as the website maintainer. I’m replacing the 5+ year-old videos on our Video Tours page with newer ones, but I barely have time to watch one long video, let alone cull through a bunch to see which ones are good. Thank you!