Qubes OS starts and the qubes start, but no window opens for the qubes

Someone was helping me this weekend but I can’t seem to find my original post.

I finally found an error message and was wondering if anyone could help me. Qubes OS starts and the Qubes starts, but no window opens for the Qube.

Thank you

You mean this topic?

It seems you’re trying to reinstall the Qubes OS and encountering this error when trying to Test this media and install Qubes OS.
Did you write the Qubes OS installer image on USB disk using Rufus on Windows? In that case you won’t be able to test the media:

Note: Using Rufus to create the installation medium means that you won’t be able to choose the “Test this media and install Qubes OS” option mentioned in the example below. Instead, choose the “Install Qubes OS” option.

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Yes I was eventually able to install it. Then I looked into the logs had you had told me to ,in my previous post I couldn’t find and the only other error message I am finding is “User not known to underlying authentication module”

I’m sorry I’m just a beginner but when I made Qubes OS the first time I loved it, just trying to understand how I can fix it

Thank you for your help

So do you still have the same issue with application windows not showing up when you try to open them in the qubes after you’ve reinstalled Qubes OS?

Yes despite it working when I first installed it.

The Qubes are running they are just not opening si I’m trying to figure out why. If it was my hardware it wouldn’t have worked when I first installed it

Did you have this issue right on the first boot after you’ve reinstalled the Qubes OS? Or did your qubes work at the beginning and stopped working after something happened?
Maybe you’ve updated your BIOS firmware and BIOS configuration was reset to factory defaults?
Check your BIOS settings.

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I think that’s exactly it

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Finally found error message

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