Qubes OS Media Coverage Megathread

One major blooper in the “I hate this” video is at 4:52 he seems to think the applications screen actually enables and disables or even removes apps; really all it does is put the apps into the menu (or not). The apps are still there, providing potential attack surface.

Towards the very end he talks about how if he wants to run a virtual machine he just runs it. As If we don’t do that. Can’t understand the point he’s trying to make there.

Also the experience is a bit different when you run off a usb drive.

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Astronaut seeking to use bikini because it’s more convenient to move across open space…

Discussion on Hacker News: A modest update to Qubes OS | Hacker News


I think @fsflover posted about this article here?

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For me the quoted link is to the comment section on “Hacker News”, while @solene’s link is to the article. The article can also be opened from the comment section, but requires clicking on a perhaps not so obvious link on that page.

Oops, I didn’t notice, sorry

No worries!


Qubes OS review: An OS built with security in mind, published February 27, 2024


(published 31.03.2024, german language) anwalt-seiten.de: Sichere Arbeitsumgebungen für Juristen: Qubes-OS

(published 27.05.2024, german language) androidmag.de: Qubes OS: Die ultimative Lösung für Datenschutz und Sicherheit auf Workstations - Androidmag


Very interesting. There seems to be some IT-companies using Qubes for their consultants.

I’d love to convince more companies to do so :wink:

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(published 06.06.2024) Whonix on Qubes: The Most Secure Way to Use Tor - LinuxLinks (Ahrefs DR 62, 1.8k traffic)


Great video, @marmarta! :partying_face: