Qubes OS and metered connection?

That I don’t know, sorry. I wasn’t able to find anything in qubes-prefs or qvm-prefs that obviously corresponds to it. I vaguely seem to recall that it used to be a qvm-prefs property for each individual qube, but I no longer see such a property in the list. The closest thing I found was check_updates_vm in qubes-prefs, but on my system that one’s set to D True even though I have update checking disabled in Qubes Global Config, so either that’s a bug or it’s not the same thing. Perhaps @marmarek can shed some light on this.

One important thing to note about the setting in Qubes Global Config (for which there’s also a warning there) is that it applies only to existing qubes. Newly-created qubes will still have update checking enabled by default, so you’ll have to disable it for newly-created qubes if you want to keep update checking disabled for all qubes. So, maybe check_updates_vm is the setting for newly-created qubes, but in that case I don’t know why it’s not in the GUI (and why the GUI makes it sound like no such option is available).

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Looks like we replied at the exact same time. :slight_smile:

Glad you found it, but I’m still puzzled as to why that doesn’t seem to appear in the qvm-prefs list of properties for each qube.

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cool, that’s an easy to use workaround :slight_smile:

Note that newly created qubes will have updates check enabled by default so you’ll have to disable it manually in the Qubes Global Config every time you create a new qube:

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It’s a feature, not a property so you can check it using qvm-features instead of qvm-prefs.
But since qubes-update-check is actually a service then it’s better to check it using qvm-service.

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I believe that the service changes might take effect only on VM startup

So this is not dynamic…

Imagine that I have a lot of qubes and spent a lot of time configuring which ones should (not) be updated. If I disable all updates as above, will I have to reenable it manually per qube afterwards?

Related UX bug that occurred to me while looking into this:

If you disable update checking for all existing qubes, then later decide you actually do want update checking enabled for certain existing qubes (but not all of them), then yes, you would have to enable update checking manually per qube for the specific qubes in which you want update checking enabled.

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This is probably a question for the qubes-devel mailing list, since that’s the one for development contributions / discussionsm

This makes it very cumbersome and not suitable as a temporal “kill switch” for updates.

It sounds like you want a different feature that doesn’t exist yet. You may wish to ask someone to open a feature request issue for this, if one doesn’t exist yet.

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TIL there is a mailing list, I thought it had been superseeded by discourse :sweat_smile:


Qubes Cacher Tweak Tool looks nice. Is it open source? If yes, can you share a link to the repository? I don’t use the forum account (almost never) but did e-mail you (from e-mail that I found from your git commits) if you could be so kind to check your spam box, or e-mail me directly.

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Very far from that assumption. See how it is different from the mailing list.

As a developer, reading e-mails focused on development, especially qubes-devel mailing list, sending e-mails there where only good willful users/developers will reply, without the standard forum response of “I don’t know also, but would be nice to know” or “No idea” or any unrelated reply) and disregarding many questions that are for support questions, makes it easier to focus on what should be done and not be distracted by users asking the same questions again and again.

There is no problem in the forum existing for users, but it is not a good platform for developers to focus, as even me filtering to only be shown certain topics, disabling likes and other notifications, it is a community managed platform, it is not great for development discussions.

Anyway, most mailing lists such as qubes-users, qubes-announce etc are replicated to Discourse, but not qubes-devel and I’m glad that is the case, it would be too distracting to receive that sort of replies I commented above without any intention of solving the problem.

Moderators, please split the thread if necessary for organization purposes.


Most of my work is open-source and could be found at my personal-qubesos repo. The Cacher Tweak Tools belongs to a branch that I have not pushed to Github yet. I have to finish the CLI for cash management and statistics.

Ops. I will check it as soon as possible.

As far as I understood it (from reading other threads on this forum), you only need to re-enable it on a single VM per (different) template. This is enough to have a single VM that checks on start-up whether there are updates and says so to the “Qubes Update” component.