Qubes OS 4.2 upgrade black screen before LUKS encrypt after preboot stages done

Did you make sure that there were no error/fail messages in the command output?

You can try to edit GRUB menu entry and remove the quiet option to see if it’ll give you any error messages.
You can edit GRUB menu entry like this:

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I do get the choose os of qubes os, it’s just that when i press enter to get to the pass textbox it’s just blackscreen

Remove the quiet option from kernel command line to see if there will be some log messages instead of black screen.

I’m currently burning 4.2 into usb, I’ll see if it installs, if it doesn’t I’ll get 4.1 then in place upgrade and follow your suggestion and get back at you

I’ve just burnt 4.2, tested in regular vm on windows, the iso is fine, plugged it in then install and same issue, black screen :confused: any suggestions?

Tried the test feature too, same exact issue, seems like this is only happening with 4.2 and not 4.1

What’s your hardware?
What thinkpad x1 yoga model do you have?

Stuck at "xen_acpi_processor: uploading Xen processor PM info

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Now stuck in thinkpad_acpi: rfkill switch tpacpi_wwan_sw: radio is unblockee

acpi=off fixed previous issues, I’m now in the language selection section of the installer and can’t use touchpad nor keyboard

Check my latest commend, thank you

Currently installing with acpi= off and didn’t modify anything else in grub, it’s installing but existing hardware doesn’t aka aka mouse keyboard, i had to use external as a getaround, I’ll need to acpi on again, and hope i can boot afterwards, even then I’d also have to check if real my mouse + keyboard work

Failed to set new efi boot target, pressed continue to see possible outcome

This message is not an error, are there any more relevant messages?

What’s your hardware? What is your CPU/GPU?
What thinkpad x1 yoga model do you have?

Seems like you have the AMD CPU, you can search the forum for your CPU model and check the possible workarounds.
This one looks similar:

Also did you try to boot Qubes OS installer with kernel-latest option?

@apparatus my disk is gone from boot menu after finished installation :confused:

Check the topic that I linked:

You need to boot from some LiveCD or from Qubes OS installer in Rescue mode and add the EFI entry using efibootmgr:

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