Qubes on UEFI from USB?

I’ve tried to install Qubes in UEFI, but if I boot the usb-stick it only flashes 3/4 lines last one being a hex-string and prior being “initram” - then crashing back to a reboot.

If I boot it via legacy it works just fine and even installs, but is there a way to make it UEFI bootable/installable too?

I’m on desktop if that helps.

Have you read this? https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/uefi-troubleshooting/

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Yes, however most does not apply, I don’t get stuck on a nouveau screen, I didn’t add any kernel parameters (I don’t know which ones could make it work) and the others are post-installation sadly.

I don’t get “stuck” per se, it just crashes and reboots after those 4 lines.