Qubes on shared, family laptop

Our laptop is family laptop. It means that a few people use it from time to time.
Is it possibe in Qubes to have something like login user which has access to some particular VMs and not the others ? How do you block access to some VMs ?

you may dual boot and enable luks encryption.

No, Qubes is designed to be a single-user system.


I have read about it in the FAQ and I understand this is by design.

Paradoxically it makes it less safe compared to simple Linux installed on a laptop because having Linux I can have several accounts setup and i.e.: children can use their accounts without accessing parents account(s) whereas in Qubes anyone accessing the laptop have accesss to everything ?


children can use their accounts without accessing parents account(s).

You might underestimate your children :wink:

Jokes aside guys. I am serious.
While I higly respect Qubes approach and was thinking for a while to use it I’ve just realized from multi-user perspective it might be not as secure as traditional Linux.

Correct, in that I believe you are defining “secure” in a different way than the the Qubes system secures against the threats it is meant to protect against.

Qubes is designed such that remote compromise is limited to a particular compartment of “your digital life” and that the compartments can, if the user wishes (through self-discipline), project different personas to the world (or none at all for vaults).

Qubes is not designed to protect against hands-on attacks. It is designed as a single user solution to the issues above.


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Yes, you are right. First we should agree what “secure” means. Or what the “threat” is.
Fully agree.

Optional passwords for each individual Qube would be cool. That way you could share it with other people without letting them have access to whatever Qubes you’d like. I don’t mean for security per say, since it’s game over either way if someone with physical access is malicious and skilled.

…like children?



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