Qubes not installing on hyper-v


I am trying to install Qubes os on Hyper-v in win 10.

My computer is a core i5 16 GB ram.

Every time the installation menu will not appear and it will crash.

I’ll admit that I am new to Linux but usually get by looking on the net.

Thank you for any help anyone can offer.

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On the hardware requirements it says there the following:

:warning: Note: Qubes OS is not meant to be installed inside a virtual machine as a guest hypervisor. In other words, nested virtualization is not supported. In order for a strict compartmentalization to be enforced, Qubes OS needs to be able to manage the hardware directly.

Read more:

You may want to try it by installing it on an external disk and that way it won’t interfered with your current windows installation.

Hello deeplow,

Thank you for taking the time to help me out.

I tired parrot os and tails on the hyper-v and both worked, thought there was something wrong with my installation files.

I have an old dell vostro core i5 8 GB ram but with a 256 SSD.

I’ll try it on there.

Thanks again for kind help

Wish you a nice one

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