Qubes need CCcleaner thing and macannony thig?

Absolutely. I was trying to find a starting point to help with. Sorry I didn’t elaborate as you did and as I should.

Well I’d give a different advice. My suggestion would be to start from the scratch: to think through what exactly would you try to secure, or to describe/define your threat model. What are you trying to protect and from whom.

Just doing this would get you closer and faster to Qubes than anything else, I could bet. Patience and persistence are crucial, and rewards are huge once you get in.


Thank you for your kind advice. I’ll look into it positively. Actually, that might be a good thing because there were a lot of things I didn’t understand.

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read everything in privacyguides.org. then read it again. then again.

then come back.

Qubes is the best. there’s nothing wrong with starting with qubes. Qubes is the best but the hardest OS.

You are right to want to stop using Windows if you are interested in security and technology.

Thanks. I will try again Qubes.