Qubes need CCcleaner thing and macannony thig?

Hellow all.
I want to change MAC and delete cookie and personal history in Qubes os. And, I always use software CCcleaner thing and Macannony. Qubes os need these software for change MAC and delete cookie and personal history ? or not?
Advice please!!

Definitely not. I cannot advise how to change MAC, but know that software isn’t needed for any of those things. You should be able to delete cookies and history from your browser settings. If you are using a disposable or Tor, they should not persist anyway. I saw a post about MAC that may help on that part of the issue. https://forum.qubes-os.org/t/anonymizing-your-mac-address/19072

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Thank you replay. You saved me time!!!
And thank you paste URL.

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The disposable VMs still have files and logs that could be retrieved if a sophisticated adversary were to sieze your device

Qubes is good for extreme compartmentalization and having extreme control of networking capabilities. It is not “out of the box” extremely anti-forensic if someone physically takes your device unless it’s turned off with a very long password and even still very long passwords can be broken with massive cracking arrays and state agents will lease servers to create a cracking array if they want in.

There are guides to make VMs RAM only. They are new guides and may not be easy to implement. The problem of dom0 still keeping much recoverable information is a problem if you want an anti-forensic OS. There are open-source anti-forensic OSes out there like Tails that are RAM only and store nothing. There are also closed source anti-forensic OSes and they are very risky. If you are a whistleblower or afraid of an oppressive government Tails will prevent you from making mistakes.

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Thank you replay.
Qubes os still save logs? And tails os not? OK, I try it. thank you.

In Tails everything will be sent through Tor and your network will be able to see you are using Tor but the entire OS is programmed to prevent mistakes. You can control very little and everything is already configured to prevent mistakes.

There are complex ways to try to obfuscate Tor traffic using Qubes if your network is being monitored and Tor is illegal. Can you connect to Tor without problems on your network?

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thank you reply. And advice. Actually, I cant connect tor network. When use Qubes and tails in starbucks. I can connect tor network in my home. I think starbucks is monitoring . Do you know solution ?

I think someone mentioned you are probably not accepting Starbuck’s terms for use in their captive portal and so can’t access anything at first.

You have to access the Portal outside of Tor. There is information on how to do this in the other thread and you can do this with Tails. There’s lots of information on how to do this available already online.

As you say, I was Received an advice for Qubes os by many people. And, I checked a little about the problem of Tails, but I didn’t understand. Tails can connect Starbuck’s wifi ? I tried it before, but Starbuck’s capture screen did not appear.

There is a built in non-Tor browser in Tails.

A captive portal blocks all connections until you accept the Terms and the only connection allows is one directly from you to the Portal.

If you try to connect to the Captive Portal with Tor, you are trying to use the Internet before accepting the Terms.

You—>Tor Server—>Tor Server—>Tor Server—>Captive Portal

That won’t work because Tor requires the Internet.

Qubes does not protect you if you make mistakes if you are doing anything risky like being a whistleblower. Tails protects you even if you don’t know what you are doing. You should learn to use Qubes. Learning Qubes in a Starbucks is very risky if you are doing anything involving risk.

Does this mean I can safely connect to Tails at Starbucks using a non-Tor browser? How do you make that possible?

Doing anything that involves risk in a Starbucks is a very poor decision.

If you use Tails in a Starbucks, you connect with the non-Tor browser first, accept their terms, and connect with Tor.

This would be a smart way of using a Tor Browser at Starbucks if you are a student learning about linux and are not doing anything involving risk.

Moderation note: kind reminder that TAILS support is off-topic in this category, and that this topic is about the use of metadata cleaning tools in Qubes OS.

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Sorry, I’ll create a new topic for that question later.

Sorry, I was speechless. How can I use a non-Tor browser? I haven’t reached the point where I can use a non-Tor browser.

This is a lot of information online about both Tails and the non-Tor browser and configuring both Firefox and using Tails. This is such a general question and it really seems like you haven’t read anything online that is available. It’s not specific to Qubes. If you are asking how to configure a Firefox browser in a VM in Qubes so the settings are permanent, there’s probably already a post about it and the settings themselves are not related to Qubes.

Actually, I’m a Windows user and have never touched Linux or Firefox, so I couldn’t understand that kind of guidance. This is not limited to Qubes, right? Okay, I’ll look into it a little more.

I think you should present why you would want to use Qubes OS at all in the first place.

I was interested in security, so I was doing some research and found a site about Qubes OS, so I decided to try it .

I don’t think you need to justify wanting to try Qubes OS @phirip. However, and I believe that’s what @tempmail is hinting at, you should be aware that there is a lot you’ll have to learn if you are not somewhat familiar with Linux.

Different people will give you different advice, and you are probably the only one who really knows what’s best for you. That being said, you’ll often see suggestions of learning with some traditional Linux distribution first (like Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora…) because a lot of Qubes OS builds on that knowledge. I personally believe that’s often a good suggestion.

Whatever you decide to do however, you’re welcome here when you have questions about Qubes OS!

Pro tip: creating a separate topic for each question is usually the best way to get a clear answer.

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