Qubes Logs - Display settings breaks sys-net settings

I apologize ahead of time for not being the most fluent with Linux.
When I open up system settings (sys-net - settings… (not the qube settings)) the window opens with the selection of categories on the left. If I click on the display tab the window will instantly close and it will break being able to open up settings on that qube. If I try to open up settings again all that happens is the settings windows flashes for a split second and then disappears. Restarting Qube doesn’t fix it… Only way I could fix it is by creating an entire new sys-net qube.

Unless you happen to know why this is happening my question relates to logs. I want to be able to further diagnose this issue through logs but I am not familiar with where to look or what logs deal with what. Where do I find hardware logs or logs relating to what is happening when I am attempting to open the settings app.

I wanted to create an issue ticket but not till I have more information and understand what is exactly happening.

Please point me in the right direction. Thank you in advance!!!

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Can you explain why you are using the system settings, particularly for
“display”? There are very few cases where this has any relevance, and it
is unlikely to be of any benefit to you.

As to your question re logging, if the qube is running you can look at
logs under /var/log or use journalctl - because of the way that Qubes
uses Templates, these logs will be reverted when you shutdown the qube.

There are also Qubes specific logs which you can access from the Qube
Manager by right clicking on the qube and inspecting the logs option.

Thank you for taking the time to help me !! My reason for using the system settings isn’t anything in particular… i was just trying to understand and learn qubes/linux and my exploring brought me there. So those system settings are simply there because they are part of fedora/debian inherently but everything should be controlled by qubes so there is never a need to access things in there or rarely?

I just happened to notice this occurring whenever I recreated the same sequence of events. I figured it was a bug and I wanted to submit it but not prematurely and not until I understood what was happening more.

It is a bug, but upstream from Qubes.
That is, Qubes triggers it but the issue lies upstream. (It is possible
that the triggering event is specific to Qubes.)