Qubes introduction in German now available online

I translated the introductory chapters of the Qubes documentation into German and hope to provide arguments for the use of Qubes that will make potential users think about improving their IT security, even without having to go to the trouble of reading English texts. This could be particularly useful in the environment of public authorities and smaller companies.

This text has now been published on the webpage of the expert group (SECMGT Management von Informationssicherheit), togethether with a short introduction. See https://fg-secmgt.gi.de/fileadmin/FG/SECMGT/2022/Mitteilungen/Qubes_OS.pdf.

SECMGT is an expert group within the department Security - Protection and Reliability / Sicherheit - Schutz und Zuverlässigkeit of the Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI), the largest German professional society of computer scientists.

I hope that this publication will help to make Qubes OS more known in Germany, which is badly needed, especially since attacks on critical infrastructure are increasing, partially due to the current political situation.


Thank you so much for this! Both as a Qubes-dev-being happy, and also as a person-learning-German-and-constantly-stumped-at-how-to-explain-Qubes-in-German, this is a huge help!

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