Qubes installer needs to be updated

Hello i try qubes from like 3 years and i still have the sames errors on servals pc.

like the “x startup failed” on the anaconda screen, this is partially solve by a modprobe.blacklist=nouveau in grub.

but it’s not supposed to happen, when is done the installer gui is draw line by line.

then grub is like never setup correctly, i use two ways, first, the manjaro iso, to list and trigger the efi of qubes because it never boot.

the second way is when i have an other os on the same drive, but osprober never detect qubes as an os so i need to manually add qubes into grub.

then when finnaly the installation is done and qubes is start for the first time , somtime the vm list not initialise correctly and i need to restart the wole process.

i have try different method to put the iso on my keys, dd, ventoy, rufus … no change
and severals computer … prretty random on results (all the computer are recent or like new on hardware)

for example i use a hp zbook power 15 , but centos that use the anaconda installer works great not qubes

so please do something on this installer, because qubes is very good !

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