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Looking at qubes-desktop-linux-i3, the latest version of i3 for qubes is 4.18.2, which is quite a lot behind the latest official, 4.21 (see version info).

So two questions:

  1. What is the status of qubes-desktop-linux-i3 ? Is it maintained, or “somewhat maintained but not on a regular basis” or is it abandoned?
  2. I would like to try building/installing a more recent package. There are some docs here, but I assume they are not fully up to date. Is there any else I should be aware of, like, integration issues preventing use of more recent i3?
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In latest Debian stable, i3-wm is 4.19.1-1. Again too old.

I have a question too, nevertheless: Is dom0 abandoned, since it is still based on fedora-32?


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Thanks @fsflover.
What would you rather do? To install and use older version of a program signed by Qubes, or would compile newer one yourself and install it in dom0?

I would try to avoid installing anything in dom0. Although I’m using the older version of redshift.

Thanks, me too…

Me too, and partitionmanager at the beginning to visually get what is going on with space in dom0 and other qubes. And I find it too much already.

Gotten a bit more into qubes-builder now, to be able to actually build i3wm myself. However, I’m running into some qubes-builder problem,

Getting sources for i3 and builder-debian works fine, but getting the sources for builder does not work:

[user@work qubes-builder]$ make COMPONENTS="builder" get-sources
-> Updating sources for builder...
--> Fetching from https://github.com/QubesOS/qubes-builder.git master...
--> Verifying tags...
---> No valid signed tag found!
---> One invalid tag: 8a827c76f8690c5d08641865256f99ebc96d69cb
make: *** [Makefile:228: builder.get-sources] Error 1

After investigating a bit more, this seems to be the problem:

[user@work qubes-builder]$ git tag "--points-at=b7021ac566abccd659dd932f2f557ee90105db4f" "--format=%(if:equals=tag)%(objecttype)%(then)%(objectname):%(object):%(end)"

You can build qubes os from scratch with i3wm defaults. I do this. Guide is here:

Thank you @tanky0u!

That guide helped a lot, mainly helped with getting a minimal working builder.conf going. After that I was able to repro the gitlab-builds, and I think I got this PR to finally build ok: Update i3 to 4.21 by holiman · Pull Request #50 · QubesOS/qubes-desktop-linux-i3 · GitHub

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