Qubes FTP Server - Qubes Template Manager

Why doesn’t Qubes Template manager have access to all of the .rpm images

hosted on the QubesOS FTP server?

Index of /repo/yum/r4.2/

If you want to install testing templates then you need to enable testing templates repositories in Qubes Global Config → Updates tab.

I’ve done this already, but I don’t see all of the available repos.

What is missing?

For example, it doesn’t list all of the .rpm images listed in this directory:


That repository contains packages that can be installed in fedora-39 template.
The Qubes Template Manager is not a tool to install packages inside the templates, it’s to manage the templates themself in dom0 - Install/reinstall/downgrade/upgrade templates etc:

Is Fedora Atomic image available? This would be useful because you could rebase

to secureblue.


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