Qubes-Entusiasts and updated qubes-task; streamline taks, template installations & 1-click windows installation

I use “we, our” there because the ChatGPT decided so
Last month, we released qubes-fancy-manager, and after receiving valuable feedback, we are excited to introduce a new iteration of the project. Today, we are releasing a fork of unman's qube-task under the Qubes-Enthusiasts repository. The Qubes-Enthusiasts organisation targets for projects for users which aren’t imposed with targeted risk, and even more so, face lesser or moderate risk but have a lot of difficulties customizing Qubes and fooling around.

The purpose of these projects to attract many new, non-targeted users who would like to use Qubes but are not ready to navigate the inherent difficulties.

We have set up a separate organization for this project, the Qubes-Enthusiasts. This decision is driven by our belief in long-term sustainability. Individual repositories may face issues due to owner’s lack of motivation or other unforeseen circumstances. An organization-based repository, on the other hand, provides stability and continuity.

You can find the Qubes-Enthusiasts here

We have also provided a detailed description of the updated version of unman's qube-task in our repository. The build commands are listed at the bottom of the document, or you can try it out from the preloaded executable.

You can find the Qubes-Task here