Qubes-dom0-update, sys-whonix, --action=

qubes-dom0-update has an --action= parameter allowing for other actions than updating and installing software. However, this does not seem to work when the UpdateVM is sys-whonix. Presumably this is because sys-whonix is running Debian and using apt*, not dnf/rpm? Is there some workaround for this to allow other actions?

sys-whonix actually has yum installed, yes, even though sys-whonix is debian/apt based.

however the goal is to use sys-whonix to download the updates, pass them back to dom0, and then use dnf in dom0 like normal.

so for ex: sudo qubes-dom0-update --action=info dnf doesnt work, but the cached repodata still lives in dom0, and you can do dnf info dnf instead.

what action are you trying?

For example, --action=“list available”. Have also tried various --action="info ". I know I can dnf info in dom0, but only for installed packages, it seems. I’d like to be able to info not-yet-installed packages.

The above all return:

ERROR: yum version installed in VM host does not support --downloadonly option
ERROR: only ‘install’ and ‘upgrade’ actions supported ( not)