Qubes does not boot without 'module_blacklist=amdgpu' kernel parameter

I have a laptop which has amd cpu (amd ryzen 9 5900hx) + amd gpu (amd radeon rx 6800m) and i think this is causing compatibility issues with qubes os.

First of all qubes os does not fully boot without the ‘module_blacklist=amdgpu’ kernel parameter. I input the disk decryption password and the progress bar below it moves but then gets stuck at around 95% and then it stays stuck.

The other problem is that when i use ‘module_blacklist=amdgpu’ i cannot control the screen brightness. neither the keybord shortcut works nor is there an option in the display settings.

I tried adding ‘i915.alpha_support=1’ in the kernel parameter but the brightness controls still do not work.

Someone please help with this.

Did you try adding x2apic=false to Xen command line instead of module_blacklist=amdgpu?

Can you please specify the line to add this to?

I tried adding ‘x2apic=false’ and removing ‘module_blacklist=amdgpu’ by using e on the GRUB menu instead of applying permanent changes but that still makes it get stuck after entering the disk decryption password.

Are you using hardware with a dedicated gpu and an igpu?
If you have both, you can just blacklist the pci of the gpu that is not working with rd.qubes.hide_pci=xx:xx.x in grub.
But if neither of the gpus work with qubes, you are out of luck.

You might want to install the latest qubes release candidate with kernel latest and see if that helps with the hidden pci.

Another thing you might want to try is updating your bios before you try to reinstall qubes.

i blocked the dedicated gpu and this worked. thank you :slight_smile:

Good to hear.
With the gpu blacklisted, now you have a spare gpu you could try to passthrough to a vm if you wanted to.

I was reading this post because I own the G14 with Ryzen 7 6800HS and Radeon RX 6700S. I wanted to explore the possibility of setting up Qubes. When I came across your comment, I wondered if you could provide a link to a guide on how to pass through a GPU to a VM. I ask this because Qubes has previously mentioned that they don’t fully support graphics cards due to security reasons.