Qubes-dist-upgrade & standalone VMs

I’m trying to upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1

Does qubes-dist-upgrade support standalone windows VM’s? And if not how can I exclude them in stage 1?

Currently stage 1 fails with these errors:
win7: ERROR (exit code 20, details in /var/log/qubes/mgmt-win7.log)
win10: ERROR (exit code 20, details in /var/log/qubes/mgmt-win10.log)
kali: ERROR (exit code 20, details in /var/log/qubes/mgmt-kali.log)

The logs show that state.sls when called, fails to return clean data.

Is the only workaround to remove these VM’s and restore them afterwards? Will a 4.0 backup restore to 4.1?


You can find here what You’re searching for, but I suggest a clean install (and restore of needed and previously backupped appvm).

Thank you. I’d looked over that page already. It doesn’t really address this issue, but it looks like for stand alone VM’s that if they do not have a Qubes agent installed, it can’t interact with Qubes salt, and the upgrade doesn’t progress any further. Since I had a backup already, I removed those VM’s and restarted the upgrade, and it then succeeded.

This is almost true. There must be some salt agent for any qube to be
controllable by salt. Using the Qubes agent is the simplest solution,
where possible.