Qubes Clipboard (Debian default) doesn't work

I use a clean 4.1 install with Debian as default VM.
The copy and paste doesn’t work.
If I use CRTL Shift C, a popup of the clipboard is shown but shows that 0 bytes are copied to clipboard. My CTRL Shift V confirms this in a sense that nothing is shown.

Anyone has a clue why nothing is copied if I actually use the Qubes Clipboard function and also get a pop-up in the upper-right corner to confirm that this function is used.

May be you are trying to do a Qubes copy without doing a regular copy first?

First you need to Ctrl+c to copy stuff to VM clipboard, and then Ctrl+Shift+c to copy it to Qubes clipboard.

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Thanks, this works.
One challenge remains, the copy paste gives only text and no images.
Is this a limitation of the cubes copy & paste?

Yes, images need to copied as files. This is discussed in the user documentation page:

This page is about copying and pasting plain text. If you wish to copy more complex data, such as rich text or images, see copying and moving files between qubes. For dom0, see copying from (and to) dom0.

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Thanks for clarification.
From usability perspective, this isn’t workable for a lot of scenario’s.
I also copy parts of HTML pages with multiple images in them, this would mean multiple copy&past actions versus the normal copy&paste.

True - there’s always a tradeoff between security and usability.
You may not know that you can copy directories as well as files.
A workaround would be to save the whole page, qvm-copy file+directory,
and then trim it in the target qube. So that’s only one extra copy

Thanks! I didn’t know that.