Qubes architecture compared with quBSD


I’ve been using Qubes as my primary daily OS on my Thinkpad x230 since this past spring. My wife is running Mac OS X on her older MacBook Pro, but we’ve heard from an Apple store technician that her MacBook Pro will be end-of-lifed soon, no longer receiving security updates from Apple.

Which leaves me pondering what OS to put on her machine for her to use.

I’m curious if anyone here has looked at quBSD [1], because I’m thinking that a BSD variant might work well on her hardware. It appears that quBSD uses bhyve where Qubes uses xen – does that mean that the physical CPU virtualization my x230 benefits from would be lacking in her MacBook Pro?

The other option I’m considering for her is hello system, which is FreeBSD with a desktop GUI that tries to follow the original human machine interface design guidelines that made the early Mac OS machines so useable.[2]

Or, does anyone have any experience running Qubes on a MacBook Pro? I’m not sure the hardware would work well.

[1] GitHub - BawdyAnarchist/quBSD: A FreeBSD jails and bhyve wrapper; which emulates a Qubes-like containerization schema

[2] hellosystem.github.io/

Hi there.
Just some considerations, but keep them easy:

  • from what I remember, MacBook Pro yet equip Intel processor, so it can be installed with qubes os too (if hcl say so!)
  • hellosystem has a history and a background that surpass in many way the other choice…

Anyway, whatever I think is better then an out-of-supported system…

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