Qubes and CLI interfaces

Hello. I’ve been setting up my minimal debian templates lately, and I’ve had a few thoughts in this regard.

I prefer to use cli versions of program interfaces instead of gui interfaces, like zathura or newsboat.
I understand this would be slightly advantageous in terms of RAM, but, how advantageous or detrimental would it be in terms of code count? Because pseudo cli interfaces pull a lot of dependencies, will I make it worse if I use zathura, newsboat, discord-cli, spotify-tui, telegram-cli and so on?

I’m also going to use ranger instead of nautilus and thunar and use console commands like qvm-img-converter etc at first, then I plan to modify it. If it already exists, I would be grateful if you could share the link to it with me.

I’d be happy if you could tell me how much it increases the dangerous codebase.

Thanks :slight_smile: