Qubes 4.2 rc3 update question

I would like to try out 4.2 rc3. I have one question if someone can help me out, will 4.2 rc3 automatically update to 4.2 rc4 and then to final release?

Can someone please confirm.


(Edit: While what I wrote below is the most likely scenario, it might be that a full reinstall of Qubes 4.2 is necessary. See fsflover’s answer for more details.)

Without any special action, it will automatically update to the final release. It is also possible to update to the next release candidate by enabling the current-testing repo in dom0.

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Thank you, I will download 4.2 rc3 now.

As I understand it, there may not even be an rc 4. They will keep putting out rc’s until one is good enough to release; but there’s no fixed number.

I don’t have a feel for how close they are now to the “real” release. I’m just glad debian-12 is out already for 4.1 so I don’t have to try to do both 4.2 and debian-12 at the same time!

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Given rc3 has a lot of blocker issues, this would be surprising to not see a rc4 :thinking:


To be honest, though I’ve read some threads about it, I’ve not been following 4.2 closely–so I didn’t realize rc3 was that far away. I figured when 4.2 came out it would come out. I do enough tinkering on my system to put me on the bleeding edge sometimes, even without running a release candidate! So when it does, I’ll give it a couple of months for post-release "uh-oh"s and then take the plunge. (As I said before I am glad debian-12 came out for 4.1 so I only have to deal with one big change at a time…though I suspect going to 4.2 is going to be more work than debian-12 was!)

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